Pat and his wife Sharon


When I was a young boy mother thought it was important to expose her children to church; so she sent my brother, sister and me to a church close to our home. I continued going to this church through junior high and into my senior year of high school, not for spiritual reasons, but because I had good friends there. I honestly believed I was doing a good thing for God by showing up. As I walked down the street, I believed that people were looking out their windows saying, “There goes that nice Sullivan boy on his way to church.”

When I was a senior in high school I got a job working at a McDonald’s. One night after work, one of the guys I worked with asked if I would like to play basketball with his high school church team. I quickly said yes and looked forward to the game all week. When I arrived at the gym the night of the game, it was already in progress, and I could hear the noise of the crowd as I changed clothes in the parking lot. The moment I walked into the brightly lit gym out of the darkness of the parking lot, I noticed that people were having a good time but not doing anything wrong.

After the game they invited me to church the next morning. As I sat in the 8:30am service that next day, I heard things about the Bible and God that I had not heard in all the years I attended the other church. Pastor Richard Elvee ended his message by saying that Jesus wanted to be my friend and that I only needed to ask Him for forgiveness and to come into my life. The pastor did not have to ask twice. I quickly did what he asked and trusted Christ as my Savior that morning.

When I went home after the church service, I remember telling my mother that I was feeling different; I was feeling something new and bright that was hard to explain. Until that point in my life I had always believed there was a God and that His son, Jesus, had died for the sins of the world. I just had not made it personal until that day. The other church I had attended all those years was not a spiritual place; it was strictly social. The pastors never talked about a personal relationship with the God of the universe. As I continued to attend this new church, I learned what God’s Word said about life and how I was to live it. God became very real to me as I saw Him in the lives of others and how He worked in the small and big things in my own life. Over the years I have learned the importance of His place in my life and how He changes my desires from pleasing myself to pleasing Him.

 Personal Mission Statement:

My mission is to assist other Christians with needed resources to help them mature in relationship with Jesus Christ and be fruitful for His Kingdom.      

 Devotional Life:

Over the years I have been through many variations of devotional life. Currently, I am reading through the Bible in a year.

Ministry Responsibilities: 

Patrick works with Hal to in overseeing the shepherding and mentoring of ministry workers in Eastern and Western Europe. This entails:

  • Building relationships through consistent electronic communication and personal visitation
  • Providing a trusted spiritual environment to share needs and frustrations
  • Identifying personal and ministry needs and providing wise direction for filling those needs
  • Overseeing Special Projects that will enhance the ministry of those we serve for the glory of 
  • Encouraging spiritual and ministry growth in by:
    • positively influencing their spiritual lives, 
    • practically resourcing their identified ministry needs and 
    • pro viding pastoral care training through modeling and teaching opportunities.